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Casa Hogar

Creation and Life - Aguascalientes, Mexico


In 1998 TLC joined our hearts together in partnership with Pastor Gerardo Esparza and the church Manantiel De Vida (River of Life) in Aguascalientes, Mexico to buy some property and begin to build a home for children who were abandoned or abused by their parents.  Over the years, hundreds of children have been taken into the Casa Hogar finding safety, family and most importantly, a relationship with Jesus Christ.  In recent years the economy in Mexico has suffered a severe decline and some of the support that was once there for the children is no longer there.  The leadership of Casa Hogar has downsized the number of children from 40 to 19, in order to try to effectively navigate the financial challenges and continue to care for the children.


Nearly all of the children you see here were either sexually or physically abused.  They were abandoned or sold into prostitution to feed the drug habits of their parents.  These children were surrounded by addiction and evil with no where to turn, no one to help them.  


One of the young ladies (Fatima) who is 14 years old is part of a tribe of Mexican Indians "Huichol".  In addition to oppressive occult practices by this tribe it is common for young girls, after they have had their first period, to be sold as brides to men.  Their situations were really bad.  Fatima has a dream to help girls from her people who are trapped in this evil dark world they live in.  Your sponsorship will help with feeding and clothing them along with necessary educational costs in an effort to give them a chance at a better life.  


The need for each child is around $100 per month.  Perhaps you could commit to $35.00 per month or even $20.00 per month would be a huge help.  The children are interested in interacting with their sponsors through Facebook or other means of communication. 


How to Give:

  • Choose a child you would like to sponsor.

  • 2nd Sunday of the month is Missions Sunday.  Put your check in the offering plate (for when we go back to church) Please designate your missions offering to Casa Hogar.

  • Mail your check to TLC 36 Merritt Court  Pueblo, CO 81001

  • On Church App - 1. Dowload the app 2. Look up "The Life Church" 3. Press "Give" on bottom of the page, then select "Mexico - Casa Hogar"

  • Go to church website:  and click Give. (If you do it this way you will need to text Lilli (719)250-2824 (our bookkeeper) and let her know how you designate your gift. Or email the church at and leave a note.


 If you have questions please let us know.  May God richly bless your generosity!



            Pastor Rich


The Life Church (719)543-7000

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