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TLC History

  • Incorporated in 1976 as "Trinity Temple".

  • Birthed in the "Charismatic Renewal" a move of God that swept through many denominations around the world in that time.  Trinity Temple was formed by the merging of two groups; Catholic and Baptist, who had experienced the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

  • In 1976 the church net at the City Park Administration Building. (Pastor Bill Oakley)

  • In 1978 - 79 Moved to the Old Christian Science Building at 12th & Main.  A building which is now used for theater.  (Pastor Ezra Coppin)

  • 1979 Disabled American Veterans hall on south Main.

  • 1979-81 TLC rented the Seventh Day Adventist church on Clairmont and Arroyo.  

    • In this location Ascension Fellowships International was started.  (Pueblo - Birthplace)

    • AFI is connected to the Apostolic Church world wide.  A Trinitarian group which has it's roots in the "Welsh Revival of the early 1900's. 
    • At this time the church was known as "Trinity Renewal Center".
  • 1981 The property on East 4th street was purchased and we began construction on the new church sanctuary. At that time, we also started Ascension Bible College which was in operation for 4 years.
  • 1982 The church moved to the "Conley Building" on East 11th and Salem.  
    • This building was a staging point for the construction of the new building on East 4th St.
    • In this location we started Trinity Christian Academy K-12 Christian School
    • John Muhleisen became our new Pastor
    • We formally changed our name to "Trinity Life Center"
  • May 12th 1984 we dedicated the new church "The Dome"
    • 1986 John Winkler became our new Pastor
    • 1988 Near collapse / Apostolic intervention
    • 1996 Rich Conley Pastor
    • 1998 Paid off Church Mortgage
    • 2002 Built Life Café (Future church offices)
    • 2018 Rededication of ministry and property to the purposes of God.
  • March 2019 Trinity Life Center is renamed "The Life Church".
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